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BrightEdge: End-to-End Interoperable Health Data

BrightEdge allows you to integrate, manage, and deliver structured medical data from any source to any user or partner.
It's fast, easy to use, and encrypted end-to-end.


EMR, Warehouse, and API Integration

We integrate, organize, and provision interoperable medical data

Building and implementing medical applications is hard enough. Integrating EMR data with apps is even harder. Let us help you integrate your software applications by partnering to develop an EMR data integration strategy that lets you manage your business.

We provide EMR integration services that utilize the HL7 FHIR API across multiple EMRs and data warehouse platforms including Epic, Cerner, Allscripts, NextGen, and GE. In addition to traditional API provisioning, we provide ontology alignment for clinical and hospital code sets such as ICD, SNOMED, CPT, and LOINC, leaving your team free to focus on developing new features.

API Security, Identity, and Authorization

We provide the national reference implementation of SMART on FHIR

Ensuring sensitive health information is delivered to applications and partners in a precise and secure way is a national priority. Take control of your data today with an API management infrastructure tailor-made for your organization.

We build SMART on FHIR API systems that ensure that exactly the right information, and only the right information, is classified, annotated, and authorized for delivery to partners. We also provide technical guidance for implementing multi-factor authentication solutions. Using sophisticated semantic algorithms, we ensure that health data API systems deliver data to the right time, place, application, and person.

Data Governance and Management

We build tools to validate, track, and manage enterprise health data

One of the most efficient ways to improve operational data access and security is with a data governance system that eliminates unnecessary complexity within the enterprise. Our governance systems enable real-time validation and enforcement of institutional integration engine, warehouse data access, and vocabulary policies.

We can implement governance services in our cloud, yours, or on-premise; wherever possible to avoid additional burden on IT staff. Our solutions leverage open standards ontology and software suites which allow our solutions to be fast, cost-effective, and trusted across organizational boundaries.

Analysis, Query, Visualization

We build robust classification and visualization systems for your application or enterprise

Our background in health data analysis allows us to help frame tractable predictive questions that can be realistically solved by the data at hand. Our clinical experience enables us to support efforts that will have measurable, real-world impact. We provide our data platform and analysis evaluation engine to compare possible approaches.

We can help close the loop by providing visualization and reporting services. We work with organizations to leverage advanced modeling techniques for insight, novel statistical approaches, and with actionable tools for newly data-enabled operations.

Custom Medical Software Development

We build secure, interoperable, software for your needs

When patient safety or financially impactful operations are on the line, traditional HIT solutions have often proven inadequate. Grant yourself peace of mind by recruiting our experienced developers with in-depth knowledge of informatics and medical data architecture.

We specialize in writing SMART on FHIR applications serving clinical purposes. The ability to integrate arbitrary EMR and warehouse data provides flexibility for our enterprise clients, and the ontologic clarity of FHIR accelerates development timelines.


Fleet Health is a medical data management and analysis firm specializing in integrating health data from complex sources. We offer expertise in addressing the data integration, management, and analysis concerns of our vendor and provider partners. Our clients receive custom, semantically interoperable solutions that leverage our technical capabilities in data integration, ontologic classification, and secure health data infrastructure.

Fleet has clients and personnel based in three major hubs of medical innovation; the NC RTP, New York, and Cambridge. If you have a background in quantatative measurement, software development, or clinical informatics, please feel free to reach out to learn more about joining the Fleet Health team.

Fleet Health is ready to help you with your medical data integration and management needs.

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